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This page is here to help show how important fire retardant bins are in everyday life, using news stories and research studies as demonstrations.

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Petitions like this one to switch to fire-proof bins in areas particularly affected by arson are becoming more and more common. Campaigners feel that replacing plastic bins with fire-resistant models will prevent further tragedies.

Here is an example of fire crews tackling a fire at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro due to a non-fire retardant bin being unable to contain a fire. Flames started in rubbish bins in one of the hospital's wings but luckily it was contained by fire doors and the building was not evacuated. Aside from corridors being heavily smoke-logged and a member of staff suffering an asthma attack, things could have been much worse.

A Ceresana research has found that over 4,000 people die in fires and a further 80,000 are injured in the European Union every year. Such figures highlight the dangers of fire and show the significance of flame retardant products in the protection of lives and property.

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